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$99 per month

Returning student special offer

Please watch this video explaining the building requirements and expectations upon arrival for Masks, PCR Tests, Vaccines and Rapid Tests:

How does my card work?
So, you have not been back to the school in a while and want to see if you've "still got it". Than enjoy one last offer on us.

Not valid as a gift, each continuing student must buy their own. Not valid for students active within the last 12 months.
Each week there are always classes available for new students to join. We ask that you please be mindful fo the start dates and class cycles. If the class is labeled "open level" than you may join that class at anytime, regardless what week they're in. If the class is labeled "Level 1" or "Level 2" then you MUST join that class only in week #1, or week #2 of their 6-week cycle. Once a class is in week 3, 4, 5 or 6- They no longer accept new students. Since we are a school many of our classes follow a structured and progressive lesson plan. You can check our class schedule here. The start dates for each class are listed on that page. Once you place your order, your name will be added to our roster as the date of your existing special offer card

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